How To Properly Welcome A New Employee?

Past interviews, signed contract: you have just recruited a new employee in your company. All that remains is to welcome it and integrate it as well as possible. Here are some tips for a successful arrival.

Before the employee’s arrival

Before the employee arrives in the company, think about:

  • Prepare the material, equipment, software necessary to carry out his work
  • Create computer and e-mail identifiers and any possible account
  • Inform employees, especially the teams concerned, of the arrival of a new person as well as their role

When the employee arrives

From the employee’s first day of work:

  • Show the premises (offices, meeting rooms, toilets, restaurant, etc.)
  • Introduce the employee to the collaborators
  • Familiarize yourself with the internal regulations, the instructions to follow and the collective agreement
  • Explain the corporate culture to promote good working relationships


After the employee’s arrival, (a few days or weeks later):

  • Make points concerning the employee’s understanding of the work, his feelings, his needs, his achievements …
  • Assign a tutor to help the employee
  • Give him information to improve his knowledge of the company
  • Pay attention to the integration of the employee (isolation or not?)

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